qilq’ayaqilxam | The Chinook Middle Village

The coastline from Middle Village. Image by Dr. Douglas Wilson

A Chinookan Mosaic | Middle Village
Description of the place

Re-Visioning Middle Village
Stepping back through time

Between River and Bay
Coastal population and annual movement of communities

Chinook Fishing
Historic Chinook Fishing

Encountering qií’ayaqilxam
History of the site and its designation as part of the Lewis and Clark National Park system

Archaeology at Middle Village
Re-discovering Middle Village during the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

“The Indians are Very Numerous”
Exploration and early contact

Commercial Endeavors

Commerce in the fur trade

Power at the River’s Mouth
Evidence of wealth and power

Re-shaping Middle Village | Settlers at Chenook
Washington Hall – McGowan